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Additional Office Listings

Additional Office Listings

Are you already an NPRRA member but have opened a new office in another state? Or wish to list your additional locations with NPRRA so that those offices reflect in the Find a Service Provider search function at the NPRRA website? It makes great sense to list all your offices with us in order to make sure you are found when someone seeks a provider in your areas of service. Often times all it takes is a single order within a year’s time to justify this cost! We offer two options:

Add an Additional Physical Office

Use this option if:

  • You have a physical office with at least one employee who receives a W2 from your company.
  • You will indicate services other than (or in addition to) registered agent services provided at this office.
  • You will supply an email address and contact info specific to this office (not the same email address as your primary membership contact information).

Cost for additional physical office listing is $50 per year, renewable annually with your membership dues. A form submission must be made for each individual physical office listing you would like to add.

Add Additional Registered Agent Service ONLY Office(s)

Use this option if:

  • You wish to reflect that your company provides registered agent/registered office services in jurisdictions other than the jurisdiction of your primary membership account.
  • Your company is registered with the appropriate corporations division within the specific jurisdiction(s) that you intend to add and your company provides registered agent services under your company’s name (or a fictitious name owned by your company) within those jurisdictions.
  • You would like your membership profile pertaining to each added state to be one and the same as your primary membership profile (no alternate contact info need be provided per additional state).

Cost for additional registered office ONLY listings are $25 per jurisdiction or $500 for unlimited jurisdictions, renewable annually with your membership dues.

If you would like to add additional offices but neither option above suits your needs for any reason, please contact NPRRA and allow us to work out an efficient solution for you. Send email to

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