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Board-of Directors

Board-of Directors

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Irene Motta
International Business Company Formation, Inc.
Tappan, NY

Vice President

Joel Kissell
Conference Committee Chair
Technology Committee Co-Chair
Heartland Corporate Services, LLC
Des Moines, IA


Nicholas Hopeck
Government Affairs Committee Chair
Outreach & Public Relations Committee Co-Chair
Delaney Corporate Services, Ltd.
Albany, NY


Jessica Woodhouse
Outreach & Public Relations Committee Chair
LicenseLogix LLC
White Plains, NY

Past President – Ex Officio

Melissa Hopton
Ethics Committee Chair
Technology Committee Co-Chair
Nominating Committee Chair
Olympia, WA


Karen Elliott
Best Practices Subcommittee Chair
Incorporating Services, Ltd.
Dover, DE

Kevin Guse
Membership Committee Chair
Sacramento, CA

Tina Lipko
Education Committee Chair
Government Affairs Committee Co-Chair
NRAI Services, LLC
Dover, DE

Joseph Winrich
Technology Committee Chair
Membership Committee Co-Chair
Universal Registered Agents, Inc.
Albany, NY


Sarah Gillian, Executive Director
National Public Records Research Assn.
110 Horizon Drive, Suite 210
Raleigh, NC 27615

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