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The National Public Records Research Association offers several opportunities to volunteer through various committees. Below are the descriptions of each. If you have experience and are interested in these areas, you can have a direct impact on the growth of NPRRA. All association members are invited to get involved!

Past Presidents Committee

Have you been a President of NPRRA in the past and wish to assist the current Board? This committee will serve as a tool that the Board will use for guidance. To serve on this committee, you must:

  • Have served at least one full year as President of NPRRA in the last 20 years.
  • Currently be an active member of NPRRA.
  • Agree to act as a New Member Ambassador while sitting on this committee.
  • Agree to meet with the current President, Vice President, and Immediate Past President four times a year, or as deemed necessary by the BOD, via conference calls (estimated 30 minutes each) or via email.

Though not required, it is strongly suggested that members of the Past Presidents Committee are also members of at least one additional committee.

Education Committee

Are you fascinated by new ideas? Do you love to collect information and share it with others?

Tasks include:

  • Identify content that would be valuable to NPRRA members
  • Develop education materials for NPRRA members
  • Ensure all Training Institute courses are up-to-date and relevant
  • Work with the Technology Committee to post educational materials

Committee Chair: Tina Lipko, Committee Co-Chair: Karen Elliott

Volunteer for the Education Committee

Technology Committee

Are you tech-savvy, detail-oriented, and a problem solver?

Tasks include:

  • Monitor the technology and information needs of NPRRA
  • Handle the implementation and maintenance of technology solutions for the NPRRA membership
  • Manage the enhancement and maintenance of the NPRRA website

Committee Chair: Joseph Winrich, Committee Co-Chair: Joel Kissell

Volunteer for the Technology Committee

Outreach & Public Relations Committee

Are you a developer, futuristic, or an achiever? Do you have an interest in networking and social media?

Tasks include:

  • Establish and reinforce the NPRRA brand
  • Maintain relationships with other associations and with government agencies related to the public records research industry
  • Act as public relations department for the Board and other NPRRA committees

Committee Chair: Nicholas Hopeck

Volunteer for the Outreach & Public Relations Committee

Government Affairs Committee (GAC)

Are you strategic, collaborative, and responsible?

Tasks include:

  • Monitor and track federal, state and county administrative and legislative actions that may have impact on the interests of NPRRA members
  • Compose blog posts for the GAC Blog

Learn more about the GAC.

Committee Chair: Nicholas Hopeck, Committee Co-Chair: Tina Lipko

Volunteer for the Government Affairs Committee

Membership Committee

Are you an achiever, includer or relator? Do you love to connect people?

Tasks include:

  • Continuously monitor membership and understand reasons for joining and reasons for churn
  • Connect new members with Member Ambassadors
  • Reach out to potential members with invitations to join NPRRA

Committee Chair: Kevin Guse, Committee Co-Chair: Joseph Winrich

Volunteer for the Membership Committee

Best Practices SubCommittee

Are you a critical thinker or involved in procedure writing for your company?

Tasks include:

  • Establish benchmarks for industry best practices, to include recommendations for NPRRA member companies
  • Act as a resource for new NPRRA members who may have questions about best practice

Committee Chair: Karen Elliott, Committee Co-Chair: Irene Motta

Volunteer for the Best Practices Subcommittee

Ethics Committee

Are you unbiased, perceptive, and deliberative?

Tasks include:

  • Offer recommendations for resolution of conflicts stemming from alleged violations of the NPRRA Code of Ethics
  • Conduct a periodic review of NPRRA Code of Ethics and make recommendations to the Board of Directors pertaining to changes in the Code
  • Provide a sounding board for member inquiries and advisory opinions on ethics-based issues within our industry

Committee Chair: Melissa Hopton, Committee Co-Chair: Matt Marzucco

Volunteer for the Ethics Committee

Conference Committee

Are you innovative, detail-oriented, and passionate about current industry issues?

Tasks include:

  • Facilitate smooth and efficient site selection of the Annual Conference
  • Assist in selecting speakers for the Annual Conference
  • Encourage sponsors to support the Annual Conference
  • Plan off-site networking activities

Committee Chair: Joel Kissell, Committee Co-Chair: Karen Elliott

Volunteer for the Conference Committee
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