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Highlights from the 2016 Annual Conference

2016 Annual Conference

The National Public Records Research Association held its 2016 Annual Conference on Thursday, October 6 – Saturday, October 8, 2016, at the Omni Austin Hotel Downtown in Austin, TX. The conference offered attendees information on the latest legislative issues, tips on getting the best results for their companies, and the opportunity to broaden their scope of knowledge regarding public records research. There were also nightly opportunities to network and socialize with colleagues while exploring the beautiful and fun city of Austin.

Conference sessions are summarized below. If you would like to view the conference program, please click here. NPRRA Members may view the conference presentations on the presentations page. Be sure to check out NPRRA's Facebook page to view photos from the event!

Session Recap

The Virtual Manager: Cutting-Edge Solutions to Hiring, Managing, Motivating, and Engaging Mobile

Kevin Sheridan, Kevin Sheridan LLC

By 2020, 1.5 billion people, or more than 50% of the global workforce, will be working remotely. Managing virtual employees is different than managing employees who are in the office every day. Successful remote employees are often a direct reflection of their managers. Based on years of research, this keynote showed attendees how to build and manage an engaged, productive team from afar. Sheridan demonstrated that best practices ensure an organization’s virtual working environment becomes a magnet for top talent and yields better business outcomes.

Tech Rich, Time Poor – Your Checklist for a Productive Day

Deb Cullerton, Priority Management Associates

With more to do and more technology available to help us do it, how do we manage the increased volumes and increasingly interdependent work? Though the productivity enhancing potential of technology is significant, research suggests we are becoming tech rich, but increasingly time poor. This exciting, interactive presentation covered prioritization on the fly, freeing your brain of “mind traffic” and breaking the “firefighting” habit and techniques to help you structure a productive day.

Characteristics of High Performance Teams

Deb Cullerton, Priority Management Associates

As teams grow and shift, individuals sometimes feel unsure about their role on the team. Hard working teams often find it challenging to achieve the results they deserve when everyone is not on the same page. High Performance Teams creates opportunities for intact teams to concentrate on productivity and collaboration.

Overview of the Bankruptcy Process from a US Bankruptcy Trustee with Q&A

C. Daniel Roberts, C. Daniel Roberts & Associates

In this session, attendees learned the difference between Chapters 7, 11, and 13. They found out how bankruptcy filing may affect lien searches, title searches, and your bottom line. Dan Roberts addressed these topics and more. He also answered bankruptcy questions. Dan is board certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in business and consumer bankruptcy law as well as commercial and residential real estate law. He is also a Chapter 7 panel trustee for the Western District of Texas, Austin Division, and has served as a court-appointed Chapter 11 trustee.

Liability & Best Practices as It Relates to Our Industry Issues

Darrell Pierce, Dykema Gossett’s Corporate Finance Group

Service companies are at risk. In an increasingly litigious and risk-averse world, any error is thought to be actionable. Moreover, news like “Anonymous, Inc.” on 60 Minutes and the Panama Papers bring scrutiny to the incorporation services industry. Attendees learned what they can do to manage the risks of doing business with the “wrong” people, and of unavoidable errors in handling filings or conducting searches of public records.

How to Master Your Time, Talents, and Systems to Create More Profit & More Freedom Right Now!

Davy Tyburski, America’s Chief Profit Officer™

Attendees discovered the key strategies and shortcuts to become more productive, more efficient and less stressed which benefits their health account & bank account!

Building a Magnetic Culture: How to Attract & Retain Top Talent to Create an Engaged, Productive Workforce

Kevin Sheridan, Kevin Sheridan LLC

To become the best in the business, it is essential to employ the best people. But how do employers build a staff that is ready and able to take an organization to its next level? Inspired by the best-selling book, this inspiring keynote focused on how to attract talented employees to the workplace, empower them, and sustain an environment in which they are more likely to stay.

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