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Highlights from the 2019 Annual Conference

2019 Annual Conference

The National Public Records Research Association held its 2019 Annual Conference on Thursday, September 19 – Saturday, September 21, 2019, at the Riviera Palm Springs in Palm Springs, CA. The conference offered attendees information on the latest legislative issues, tips on getting the best results for their companies, and the opportunity to broaden their scope of knowledge regarding public records research. There were also nightly opportunities to network and socialize with colleagues while exploring the beautiful city of Palm Springs.

Conference sessions are summarized below. If you would like to view the conference program, please click here. NPRRA Members may view the conference presentations on the presentations page.
**Conference presentations are coming soon.**

Session Recap

Ding Happens! How to Improvise, Adapt, and Innovate in an Ever‐Changing World

Avish Parashar, Motivational Improviser & Keynote Speaker, Avish Parashar Productions, Inc.

Anyone can perform well when everything goes right. The real test of you and your organization is how you react when things go wrong - and they will! These make or-break moments are the “Dings!” of life. This hilarious and energetic program will show you how to stop fearing and hating change and how to use the power of improv comedy to improvise, adapt, and innovate - no matter what happens!

The Impact of New Tax Laws & the Wayfair Decision

Jay Forester & Jason Parish, Plante Moran

This session will discuss the 2018 Supreme Court decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair which dramatically changed the landscape for sales tax in the United States. The session will provide a basic overview of sales and use tax principles, discuss the historic nexus standards, how the Wayfair decision changed those standards, and how it affects retailers with multi-state activity.

The Delaware Blockchain Initiative: A Review of the Legal and Practical Landscape for Corporations and Alternative Entities

John Mark Zeberkiewicz, Richards Layton & Finger

In May 2016, then-Governor Jack Markell announced that the State of Delaware would proceed with an initiative to embrace blockchain and smart-contract technology. Not long after the announcement, the Delaware legislature adopted amendments to the state’s corporate and alternative entity laws to accommodate the use of blockchain technology, including for the maintenance of stock ledgers. While Delaware continues to explore the blockchain-based applications in the corporate and alternative entity space, it has not yet introduced any specific blockchain-based products, applications or procedures. This program will provide an overview of Delaware’s “blockchain amendments” and an assessment of the potential changes that may flow from them.

Happy Hour Speed Networking

This was the hottest networking event of the year! As NPRRA conference attendees consistently express, networking is one of the key ingredients to the success of their careers. At this event, attendees were provided customized schedules to help maximize their connections.

Cyber Security

Vlad Shustov, TetherView

Perspective. Without it you are navigating a submarine without any charts, periscope or sonar. Organizations cannot chart a course to success without clear perspective on the threats they face. Cyber risk has become the biggest threat to every organization. The most effective way to mitigate Cyber Risk is by providing your team with enough perspective to combat these threats. To gain that perspective organizations must look externally to seasoned professionals from diverse industries to provide a concrete understanding and direction to effectively thwart cyber threats.

Compliance, Industry News, & Updates

Alan Stachura, CT Corp/Wolters Kluwer

This session will cover legislative changes in Delaware and other jurisdictions, with a particular focus on Registered Agent Compliance, OFAC Compliance, increased scrutiny and governmental insight of our industry while looking forward to see what is on the horizon. We’ll also touch on hot topics impacting the States and our industry and provide plenty of time for questions.

Improvised Innovation

Avish Parashar, Motivational Improviser & Keynote Speaker, Avish Parashar Productions, Inc.

In a world that is getting smaller and smaller and changing faster and faster, innovation and creativity are critical to staying competitive. Organizations and individuals who apply innovation move ahead. Those who don’t, struggle and fall behind. In this high-energy, funny, and interactive workshop, Avish uses ideas and exercises from improv comedy to show you how to tap into your creativity and use it to unleash innovation to be a “game changer” in your organization and industry.

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