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Member Benefits, Why Join?

Why Join?

NPRRA is the premier industry resource for businesses engaged in the public record and corporate services industry. See below for a list of our member benefits.


Access to Resources and Information

The NPRRA website is a rich source of information for members. The discussion forums and ListServs provide an opportunity to discuss specific industry concerns and practices in government with other experts in the public records industry. Resources such as the holiday calendar are provided in the Members’ Only section of the website.

Your membership also includes a subscription to the quarterly electronic newsletter, The Record. The newsletter provides information about industry developments at the local, state and national levels. The Record keeps members informed of current affairs in the industry and upcoming events within the association.

New Member Ambassadors

We are pleased to welcome new members to the NPRRA family. Joining a new association can seem overwhelming at times. NPRRA wants our members to feel welcome and comfortable. All of our new members have access to our “New Member Ambassadors”, who will be there to assist with any questions you may have, introduction to other members and getting to know about all of the great benefits your membership has in store for you.

Marketing Tools

NPRRA can help prospective customers find you! The association website is an excellent marketing tool for members. Each member company is listed in the database that is searchable by both members and the general public. Listings include contact information, services provided and coverage area. The Members’ Only section has the added benefit of a downloadable membership list that can be used to generate labels for mailings.

Educational Opportunities

Annual Conference – The highlight of the year for NPRRA members is the national conference which provides an opportunity for face-to-face networking, education and the development of business relationships. The Annual Conference includes pertinent topics within the industry including: public records, business management, technological advances and government affairs. Click here for more information.

Training Institute – The NPRRA is the proud host of the Professional Training Institute of Public Records and Corporate Service Providers. There are currently two courses available – “Industry Background: History, Best Practices and Liability” and “Intermediate UCC Searching and Filing.” New and updated content will be released in 2019. To sign up for a course, click here.

Government Affairs Updates

Frequent updates from the Government Affairs Committee allow you to stay on top of industry trends and aware of legislative issues.

Government Affairs Legislative Monitoring Tool

NPRRA provides its members access to a legislative monitoring tool. This invaluable resource is offered at no cost nor obligation to NPRRA member companies, and allows users to query, flag and monitor legislation. Users can create custom searches, flag relevant legislation from query results, view bill text, and monitor the progress of flagged bills as they move through the legislative process. For more information or to sign up, click here.

Networking Opportunities

The NPRRA maintains an online membership directory that is constantly growing with the addition of new members. The directory helps facilitate networking with other industry professionals nationwide.

There are also multiple opportunities for networking with colleagues at the Annual Conference – the Welcome Reception, Friday Night Social and the Closing Event. Connect with other members as vendors and as like-minded business professionals!

Partner Programs

  • As an Associate Member since the company was formed in 1996, Corpkit supports the members of NPRRA. Corpkit is a manufacturer of Corporate and Company kits, stock certificates, corporate and notary seals and rubber stamps, and they provide same day shipping of their products directly to your customer. These products are integral for storing company documentation and to help the company stay compliant. Each product can be delivered physically or electronically. Corpkit does not perform formations or registered agent work, but they will work with you to complete the formation process with their kits for your customers.
  • Walker Brothers Insurance is an NPRRA Associate Member and understands your needs and your business. We have developed an Errors and Omissions Insurance program that is designed specifically for members of the NPRRA. Click here to learn more...
  • Alliance Virtual Offices helps registered agent and corporate formation companies increase their revenue per client, while at the same time increasing their average client tenure. We do this by offering a nationwide network of high-quality document processing facilities, advanced telecommunications, personalized reception services and access to professional conference rooms at over 800 office locations. By partnering with Alliance Virtual Offices, our clients have been able to increase their monthly revenues by thousands of dollars each month. Please call or email to learn about our partnership opportunities.
Premier Partnership Program

Looking to increase your company’s visibility and enhance your marketing efforts? For $750 a year, you can become one of eight NPRRA Premier Partners.

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