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Why use an NPRRA member?

Why use an NPRRA member?

NPRRA is a professional association comprised of companies and individuals who provide hands-on services within the realm of public records. Its members are not merely nebulous internet search engines making unrealistic claims regarding search capabilities; they are companies run by business leaders who want their employees to have consistent access to industry news and updates and value continued education and networking as tools to help meet business goals. Members are companies comprised of real people with real expertise!

NPRRA members

  • benefit from strong jurisdictional familiarity.
  • consistently engage in creating awareness of search logic issues.
  • agree to uphold ethical standards within the industry.
  • gain access to educational and training materials and discussion forums.
  • remain aware of pertinent legislative events through government affairs updates.
  • promote goodwill toward government agencies and agency administrators.
  • provide cost effective solutions for attorneys, paralegals, lenders and the general public.
  • promote error & omission insurance coverage.

Disclaimer: NPRRA does not endorse or in any way certify the proficiency of specific members. NPRRA is a trade association, and, as such, provides members with access to resources such as those mentioned herein. NPRRA does not require members to make use of these resources and makes no warranty regarding any specific member’s expertise and/or ability.

Jurisdictional Familiarity

Mistakes made during lien searches or while obtaining documentation in connection with a legal transaction can have significant financial consequences. NPRRA members routinely work with jurisdictional indexing systems and databases and gain familiarity with these systems through daily use. Jurisdictional databases vary substantially from one index to the next. Administrators occasionally implement changes to functionality that may not be evident to the casual user. It is essential for researchers to be confident they are properly querying these databases in order to return accurate and complete results.

Search Logic Issues/Comprehension

Search logic refers to the programming that generates search results from an information request. Jurisdictions at every level across the country employ different Boolean operators within their individual databases. For example, some databases ignore punctuation or capitalization while others do not. Some databases ignore corporate indicators such as Inc., Corp, LLC, et al; others do not. There are countless methods of search logic programming. These differences are evidenced in state, federal and local jurisdictions across the country. Often these differences are apparent even in separate databases within the same jurisdiction. Strong comprehension of search logic is critical to ensure a search is properly run. NPRRA is a primary advocate for search logic issue awareness; performing accurate, systematic and comprehensive searches is what its members do!

Ethical Standards

In a day and age when internet scams and malicious spam are a daily occurrence, NPRRA recognizes the need for consumers to be comfortable they are doing business with reputable companies that have a commitment to honor and integrity in business dealings. NPRRA promotes ethical standards and strongly discourages any activity that may cast the industry in a negative light.

Educational and Training Materials

NPRRA members receive access to innovative tools to keep abreast of trends and avoid pitfalls. Online training courses, educational presentations at annual conferences, discussion forums, and blog posts all provide essential learning tools for the trade. The public records landscape continues to evolve, but NPRRA empowers members to keep pace.

Legislative Updates

NPRRA keeps a sharp eye out for legislation that may impact the interests of members and their clients. Through its Government Affairs Committee and an outstanding network of professionals, an NPRRA member maintains an above-average level of engagement with current industry events and a concentrated awareness of pending or enacted legislation affecting digital record storage and database accessibility.

Goodwill toward Government Agencies

NPRRA members work hand in hand with the government employees who maintain public records. Members witness firsthand the trials and tribulations related to file and database maintenance and we keep abreast of associated legislative changes. From these shared obligations, NPRRA members greatly appreciate what these agencies and their personnel do. Relationships with government employees are valued and NPRRA is always happy to engage on issues impacting the industry and general public.

Cost Effective

Clients of NPRRA members recognize the significant benefits to hiring a qualified service com-pany. Attorneys and paralegals look to service companies to handle portions of transactional legwork that do not involve determinations that would be considered “legal advice.” This saves their clients considerable amounts of money over the billable hourly rate they would pay the attorney or paralegal to handle the same tasks. Also, NPRRA members’ familiarity with search systems and functionality enables work to be completed efficiently while retaining accuracy. Any person—whether an attorney, paralegal or a member of the general public—will take much longer to complete an accurate search if they are simultaneously learning the ins and outs of the search logic and database limitations. Time is money in the business world! Use of NPRRA members can translate into substantial savings.

Error & Omissions Insurance

NPRRA encourages members to carry Errors and Omissions Insurance (E & O). Although this insurance is not required for membership, NPRRA can assist members in finding carriers. Consider asking your service providers if they are insured!

Premier Partnership Program

Looking to increase your company’s visibility and enhance your marketing efforts? For $750 a year, you can become one of eight NPRRA Premier Partners.

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